Saturday, March 13, 2010

Multisensory Learning Modalities

While I was trying to commit something to memory recently, I found that the Multisensory Learning Modalities I used during my days in the classroom, apply to my adult learning as well.
In what ways might you use the following multisensory learning modalities to enhance your learning?

Visual—Learn by Seeing
  1. Guided imagery
  2. Demonstrations
  3. Copying notes
  4. Highlighting in text
  5. Flash cards
  6. Diagrams
  7. Photos
  8. Video
  9. Mind maps
Auditory—Learn by Hearing
  1. Tapes
  2. Reading aloud
  3. Oral instructions
  4. Lectures
  5. Using rhythmic sounds
  6. Poems, rhymes
  7. Word associations
  8. Group discussions
  9. Music, lyrics
Kinesthetic/Tactile--Learn by Doing
  1. Experiments/labs
  2. Plays, acting, role play
  3. Games
  4. Problem-solving
  5. Field-trips
  6. Writing notes
  7. Making lists
  8. Props, physical examples
  9. Associating emotions with concepts
(c) 2010 beth willis miller

1 comment:

  1. Ms. Miller,
    I enjoyed the layout of the ways to help the different learners.
    All of these ways also can help learners of all ages and types. Do you think there is a specific type of learn depending on ability?
    Do students with gifted needs have a certian learning type better than others? What about students with special needs?
    THank you .


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