Thursday, February 12, 2015

where do you come from?

After reading this wonderful blog, I was inspired to write my own, by responding to the same prompt...Where Do You Come From? Once I began to write, the memories come flooding back. It’s such a great exercise in thankfulness...
I come from Ellis Island where the ship, Princess Irene, brought my maternal birth grandparents from Scontrone, Italy, to Chicago in 1906.
I come from an illegal abortionist who refused to abort me at 4 months gestation in 1952.
I come from the Salvation Army hospital in Jacksonville, Florida, where my birthmother placed me for adoption on Friday the 13th of February in 1953.
I come from loving Christian parents who adopted me and took me to church and Sunday School.
I come from chocolate milk before bedtime made with love by my daddy.
I come from cookies and milk after school with my stay-at-home mom.
I come from chocolate milk shakes at the drug store during Sunday afternoon drives.
I come from moving to nine different houses in ten years between 1st grade and 10th grade.
I come from six years of home economics in junior high and high school.
I come from being elected president of the Future Homemakers of America in 9th grade.
I come from being chosen as editor-in-chief of my junior high newspaper.
I come from being honored as “Miss Responsibility” by my junior high principal.
I come from being elected as the first female president of my high school student body.
I come from summer vacations at Indian Shores Beach and Gatlinburg.
But more importantly…
I come from adoptive parents who loved me enough to introduce me to Jesus Christ.
I come from Sunday School and G.A.’s mission groups every week from the cradle roll.
I come from a mom and dad who made sure that we were in the pews every Sunday.
I come from youth pastors who gave all of their time to help me find my way.
I come from Young Life inner city retreats where I learned to see God in unlikely places.
I come from summer G.A. camps where I learned to make s’mores.
I come from singing His praise in the inspirational musical, “Tell It Like It Is.”
I come from His grace and mercies that are new every morning, praise Him.
I come from His Word, which is alive and active in me.
I come from a Heavenly Father who knows what my future holds.
I come from desiring to know Him better and to follow Him more closely.

This is where I come from.
 It made me who I am today. It is molding and shaping every choice that I make now, and in the days to come. Thank God He has been with me all along.

Where do you come from?
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  1. I LOVE this, Beth! It's like your whole life in a nutshell, and what fun to write it, yes? I wrote one of these a few years back, and it was so fun to revisit all the memories. You make me want to add to it.

    And is today your birthday... or your adoption day? At any rate, Happy Day! (We adopted both our children, so I know the joy of that.)

    1. Sandra, yes! Friday, February 13, 1953 was the day of my birth...i was in foster care for a few months, and then adopted by my very loving Christian parents...I believe God planned who my birth parents would be and who my Mom and Dad would be, and both influences, plus His, are needed to help me become all that He created me to be...many blessings to you and your family :)

  2. What a special way to share your life's journey thus far. "Coming from" goes on and on, doesn't it? It is not just the very beginning. [Your very first one...My maternal grandparents also came from Italy. I have the ship name for my great grandfather in my records under the bed. He came from Duno. Great grandma was an orphan with no records that we know.]
    Thank you for coming by Being Woven and blessing me with your encouraging comment.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment, Linda. Yes, we know God knew us before we were born, so He holds the true beginning for all of us...I was so glad to find Being Woven today...very encouraging...many blessings to you!

  3. Beth, as a birth mom it makes my heart happy to know you were raised in a God loving home and you met the love of your life early on. I am thankful for your own birth mom who so valiantly surrendered the love of her life so you could have better than what she could give. You are a gift from God and I thank you for sharing the gifts He has placed in you.

    1. Thank you, Jeannie, for your kind comments...truly all is grace ❤️


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