Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Exciting Book Launch Giveaway!

Just wanted to share this exciting book launch and giveaway going on right now, January 15-17!  

I am a contributing author with my Chapter 13: "The Generosity of Adoption" in the book, 
"21 Stories of Generosity: Real Stories to Inspire a Full Life (A Life of Generosity)." 

Right now you can get both the eBook and AudioBook version for just $0.99.  

Plus, you can enter to win over $50.00 worth of Christian AudioBooks. Check it out here:

Generosity can come in many forms including time, money, attention, service, or simply a kind word or compliment. Ultimately, the motive behind it is what's truly important.

In this book you will read 21 real stories of generosity from ordinary, everyday people like yourself. Some of the stories focus on being on the giving side while other stories revolve around being the recipient.

Ultimately, we hope and pray that God uses these stories to inspire and encourage you to be more generous with your time, treasure and talent. That by reading this book, you might find yourself drawing closer to Jesus, the Author and Orchestrator of generosity.

Don't miss this great opportunity! Join us today in this journey of living a life of generosity!

What are some stories of generosity in your life?

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