Monday, November 14, 2011

Where Do You Come From?

After reading this wonderful blog, I was inspired to write my own. Once you start writing, anything that comes to your mind, the memories come flooding back and you are taken back. It’s such a great exercise in thankfulness...why not give it a try?

I come from Ellis Island where the ship, Princess Irene, brought my maternal birth grandparents from Scontrone, Italy, to Chicago in 1906.
I come from an illegal abortionist who refused to abort me at 4 months gestation in 1952.
I come from the Salvation Army hospital in Jacksonville, Florida, where my birthmother placed me for adoption on Friday the 13th of February in 1953.
I come from loving Christian parents who adopted me and took me to church and Sunday School.
I come from chocolate milk before bedtime made with love by my daddy.
I come from cookies and milk after school with my stay-at-home mom.
I come from chocolate milk shakes at the drug store during Sunday afternoon drives.
I come from moving to nine different houses in ten years between 1st grade and 10th grade.
I come from six years of home economics in junior high and high school.
I come from being elected president of the Future Homemakers of America in 9th grade.
I come from being chosen as editor-in-chief of my junior high newspaper.
I come from being honored as “Miss Responsibility” by my junior high principal.
I come from being elected as the first female president of my high school student body.
I come from summer vacations at Indian Shores Beach and Gatlinburg.
But more importantly…
I come from adoptive parents who loved me enough to introduce me to Jesus Christ.
I come from Sunday School and G.A.’s mission groups every week from the cradle roll.
I come from a mom and dad who made sure that we were in the pews every Sunday.
I come from youth pastors who gave all of their time to help me find my way.
I come from Young Life inner city retreats where I learned to see God in unlikely places.
I come from summer G.A. camps where I learned to make s’mores.
I come from singing His praise in the inspirational musical, “Tell It Like It Is.”
I come from His grace and mercies that are new every morning, praise Him.
I come from His Word, which is alive and active in me.
I come from a Heavenly Father who knows what my future holds.
I come from desiring to know Him better and to walk more closely.
This is where I come from. It made me who I am today. It is molding and shaping every choice that I make now, and in the days to come. Thank God He has been with me all along.
Where do you come from?

(c) 2011 beth willis miller

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