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New All-Adoptee Growth Group Boot Camp Begins!

The All-Adoptee Growth Group welcomes all adoptees to join us as we begin a new "boot camp"
 on the yahoo group... ...for adoptees of all ages to work through the book Sherrie Eldridge and Beth Willis Miller co-authored, Under His Wings...healing truth for adoptees of all ages together, chapter-by-chapter...we would love for you to join us!

Read some of the reviews (below) for the "boot camp" using Under His Wings...healing truth for adoptees of all ages. The Bible says: "You can't heal a wound by saying it's not there!" (Jeremiah 6:14 TLB) There's only one way to find peace with a painful past and that is through a personal relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ. He alone, through His Spirit, can place a healing balm on our deep wounds. It can be purchased for $9 on Amazon.

“This book / workbook has helped me deal with my adoption issues. I have realized that I am not in this world alone with my feelings that I could not trust anyone. Through reading the Holy Bible and working through how Moses must have feel being adopted, and reading/ listening to how my fellow adoptees feel has help my cope a little easier. Sherrie and Beth have done a great job with is book/workbook. I thank you both for all that you have done to help all adoptees that are ready to face the adoption issues head on. It is not an easy thing to do but when you are go through the book once it helps. I have gone through the book 3 times and each time God opens up another part that I either missed or was not ready to hear.”--Terri Wille

“As an adoptee, this is a must have and a must read! What an exceptional piece of literature to help guide you biblically and respectfully through the adoptee perspective. This is also an incredible way for even an adoptive parent to sit alongside their adopted child and work through it with them! Love it, own it and share it with others!”--D.J.Petrik

“I first worked through this book as part of the online adoptee boot camp and have experienced tremendous spiritual growth as a result of reading the biblical truths and learning about Moses, an adoptee who struggled with similar issues, but went on to become a great leader because he was chosen by God. This is not only a must-read for adoptees, but also for adoptive parents as it will help them to "get it" and understand their adoptee child's heart.”--LJ, adoptee from Johannesburg, South Africa

“This is a wonderful resource that fills a big void in the adoption world. You are not alone and your hurts can be healed. The authors also facilitate a complimentary yahoo group including a boot camp to go through the workbook and receive other mutual support and scripture in a safe space.”--V. Claire Milam (Austin, TX)

“I recently received this book and skimmed through all of it and read other parts more thoroughly. I am really excited about going deeper into this book and learning God's view, what the Bible says about adoption, and what God has to say to me through the story of Moses. I have much to learn as I take on this adventure with my own experiences and grow in God's ultimate purpose and the place He has for me, an adoptee with heartache and joy. I believe this book provides an opportunity for me to go as deep as I would like to go and venture into areas I have not even thought about.”—Kate

Under His Wings
 provides a POST-ADOPTION growth experience for EVERY adoptee, ages 9 and upward! As adoptees read about Moses from the Bible, defensive hearts melt and adoptees realize they are just like the guy who was just like them but went on to be one of the world's greatest leaders. This gives them hope and helps them to realize that there is a way to get through seemingly impossible sadness, depression, and anger.

Under His Wings is Perfect for:
  • All-adoptee growth groups
  • Parents who are mentoring teens
  • Adoptive parents and birth parents who want to better understand their child
  • Professionals who want a tool written by authors who have walked the walk
  • Any post-adoption group that has been touched by adoption

There are four appendices:
  • Feelings Descriptor Chart (to help you wrap words around feelings)
  • Exhaustive List of God's Names (to help you identify your feelings about God)
  • Time-Line Exercise (to help you make sense of the broken pieces of your journey)
  • 12 Daily Healing Steps for Adopted, Foster, & Orphan Children's Hearts

What the Workbook Is About 
This workbook is intended to help you determine what impact separation from your first family has had on your present day life.  This won't be an ethereal exercise. It will be practical so that you will know beyond a doubt that you have worked through your painful past. Then, chapter titles will reflect the thoughts you'll have once growth has begun. How exciting is that?

Prepare to be challenged! Studying the Bible will be an integral part of each chapter because we don't want you to put a band-aid on a gaping wound. Complete healing cannot occur apart from God. If you have never studied the Bible, we suggest purchasing an easy-to-understand version, such as the New Living Translation. Be sure to bring your Bible with you if you're using this material in a group or with a counselor or parent. Don't worry if you aren't familiar with the Bible. We will help you!

Prepare to make life-changing decisions also. You will be asked at the end of every chapter, "What is the take-away? How is my life going to change as a result of studying and applying what I have learned in this chapter?" 

For maximum growth, be sure to complete every chapter. The old adage, "You get out of it what you put into it" is true here. Now that we've seen the overview of the workbook, let's take a closer look at what we can expect in every chapter.

Part I reveals thoughts that indicate you may have buried emotions about separation from your first family that need to be healed. They are: 
  • "I feel like something's missing." 
  • "I often feel like I don't belong."
  • "I blow up easily and hurt others."
  • "I sometimes fantasize about my birth family." 
  • "I am confused about my identity." 
  • "I push myself to be perfect." 
  • "I am terrified of rejection." 
  • "I struggle with self-esteem." 
  • "I get uptight whenever I think about meeting my birth family." 

Part II reveals thoughts that indicate you have come to terms with your adoption experience. They are: 
  • "I have a unique life purpose!"
  • "I can see how God is working in my life!"
  • "I can now take rejection in stride!"
  • "I am amazed that God wants to be my friend!"
  • "I enjoy helping others grow!"
  • "I can now see my adoption experience through God's eyes!" 

64% of Americans Have a Personal Connection to Adoption
According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2004 report, there are 1.6 million adopted children in the U.S. The Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute reports that sixty-four percent of Americans have experienced adoption within their own families, among close friends, or have given up a child for adoption.

How about you? Are you one of the 64% who have a personal connection to adoption?

If so, please share this link with an adoptee you know, we would love to have them join our All-Adoptee Growth Group Boot Camp anytime!


  1. What a wonderful ministry for adoptees. I am not an adoptee, but my paternal grandmother was, hence the family tree links stop there. That has been somewhat frustrating...and because it was so many years ago, there aren't too many avenues to search for her birth parents. We've had a few clues to go by, but no one is left to ask. I have lots of questions that I'd love to which I'd love to find some answers. Adoption affects the sequential generations, as you can see! Thank you for what you are doing to help those who are searching for answers and to feel "at home" with their lives.

    1. WOW! Pamela, thank you so much for your heart-felt the way you shared..."thank you for what you are doing to help those who are searching for answers and to feel "at home" with their lives"...that really is it...letting all the feelings that have been stuffed for so long come to the surface for healing, redemption, and peace...thank you, again :)


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